• History and Governance

    Jul 30 2014

    The  Massy Foundation began in 1979 as a means of supporting the community’s needs. It started as an early version of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Foundation was set up to address several issues, namely poverty, education and religion. The focus of the Foundation has expanded to include culture.

    The Foundation has supported numerous projects and donates annual grants to charitable organizations. Sponsorship is offered on a need basis and is premised on the notion that shareholder value is not the only focus of business.

    The Massy Foundation was founded by Karl de la Bastide, Ken Gittens, Mervyn McConnie, Geoff Inglefield and Philip Rochford. Its current members are Gaston Aguilera (Chairman), Dr. Elsa Lynch, Hugh Henderson, Angela Hamel-Smith, Sandra Welch-Farrell, David O’Brien and Gem Rowe (Secretary). Former members are George Phillips (Chairman), Sister Paul D’Ornellas, Mortley F. de Peaza and Jewan R. Singh.

    The registered office is:
    The Massy Foundation
    63 Park Street

    Telephone: (868) 625 – 3426
    Fax: (868) 627 – 9061