• Document & Data Capture Services

    The transferring of hardcopy data to digital data seems like a daunting task. Let Massy Technologies InfoCom's, Document and Data conversion team help you.

    We provide full support for a wide variety of file formats. Our team will spearhead the complete restructuring of your document and metadata to fit the most up-to-date requirements of your business.

    This system also facilitates, cheques, bar coding, sticky notes and even envelopes.


    • Document classification by type.

    • Organisation of documents through mass separation or merging.

    • Systematic analysis of data values in forms, lists, catalogues, etc.

    • Image capturing of records, with record updating.

    • Electronic conversion of printed or written data within scanned images, and data entry, for use in automated records management.

    • Efficient and timely processing of high volumes of high-priority documents.

    • Digital conversion of high volumes of documents into images, using high-speed scanning methods.
    • More efficient storage, retrieval and sharing of electronic document s.


    We provide support to various industries including:

    • Banking and Finance

    • Education

    • Local and Central Government

    • Energy and Utilities

    • Human Resource

    • Medical and many more.






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