• About Us

    Sep 29 2015

    Massy Technologies is the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Group Company of Massy Holdings Limited.  We are comprised of nine (9) sub-group companies which are:


    • Massy Technologies InfoCom (Trinidad) Ltd.
    • Massy Technologies InfoCom (Jamaica) Ltd.
    • Massy Technologies InfoCom (Barbados) Ltd.
    • Massy Technologies InfoCom (Caribbean) Ltd.
    • Massy Technologies InfoCom (Antigua) Ltd.
    • Massy Technologies (Guyana) Ltd.
    • Massy Technologies Applied Imaging (Trinidad) Ltd.
    • Massy Technologies Applied Imaging (Jamaica) Ltd.
    • Massy Communications Ltd.


    Massy Technologies is headed by Fenwick Reid, whom as Chairman collaborates with the company’s directors to ensure that the sub-group companies operate effectively, efficiently, competitively and profitably.


    Massy Technologies’ aim is to be the leading provider of service and products within the Caribbean region. This is manifested through our various achievements.


    In 2014, Massy Technologies InfoCom (Trinidad) Ltd. copped the title of ‘Service Provider of the year’, awarded by the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI) at their Annual Excellence in Service Awards.  Awarded by a panel of judges for their Excellence in Services, this award recognized Massy Technologies InfoCom’s Project Management Services Unit, as a role model in the industry for quality and outstanding performance in the Services Industries in Trinidad and Tobago.  The Unit was evaluated by several criteria which included: Management and Leadership, Information and Analysis, Problem Solving, Innovation and Improvement, Customer Satisfaction and Results.


    The year 2014, was the most outstanding year in the history of our Jamaican operations.  We were able to maximise opportunities in the financial sector, which increased recurring revenues and profits.  We also saw superb growth in our Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago operations. 


    Our focus is now on expanding our Managed Print Services portfolio at both Massy Technologies Applied Imagining and Massy Technologies InfoCom. In the Information and Communication area, we increased our share in managed services particularly in the energy sector.  Our profit’s performance reflects the ongoing value proposition shift from products to services. 


    In keeping with our strategy of Geographic expansion, we acquired a 20% stake in a Costa Rican -based ITC Services Company which operates in 8 Latin American countries.  The company provides Business Contact Centre services, Managed Services and Integration Services to a number of sectors including Financial, Government, Telecoms and Retail. This investment is an important step in our strategy to penetrate new markets for growth. 


    Our Guyana operation has experienced tremendous growth, which was attributed to continued development in its Communication & Electronic Security portfolio. The Company was also successful in marketing the first Digital Two Way Radio solution in the Guyana market.


    Customer Service is Massy Technologies’ main priority and focus. Our customer service efforts have been greatly enhanced throughout the years. We stay committed to our diverse and dynamic range of clients from the various industries. Our clients can depend on us to provide them with supreme customer service throughout their entire transaction and duration with us. Our staff are well trained and proficient in providing outstanding service.


    Massy Technologies is ready to take your business to the next level in technology!